Kingdom Hearts problem: can't move.
Hello. I'm using Lilypad plugin, and I've already set up all the key bindings that are required, however, I have no idea how to even move around in the game. The only things I can do are:

1) Jump
2) Change the camera view

Is this problem due to my computer/key bindings? Or am I so stupid that I can't figure out the controls? D:

If so, can anyone tell me what are the corresponding keys so that I can finally move? ._.

Everything else runs perfectly in the game, I'm just stumped as to what I should do to move Sad

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Did you bind the left analogue stick to some keys?
(03-19-2013, 11:14 AM)Topken Wrote: Did you bind the left analogue stick to some keys?

Yes I did. Sad
Here's a picture with all the keys/buttons using Lilypad.
[Image: 11111-1.png]
Have you used this screen to configure your controller or are you just opening the game and trying to play instantly? Before playing any games, make sure you set your keybinds.

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