Kingdom Hearts settings recommendation
Well, I had no problem playing this game through until the first boss stage. Then It slowed down tremendously. I want to know what settings you guys recommend.

My Specs

Intel Pentium D Cpu 3.00 ghz
2Gb Ram
NVidia Geforce 9400 Gt 1024 MB
(Need anything else? Just ask.)

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(08-17-2009, 02:03 AM)Smoke it up Wrote: Intel Pentium D Cpu 3.00 ghz---Weak
2Gb Ram---Good
NVidia Geforce 9400 Gt 1024 MB----Maybe Fair

your CPU is the main suspect of slowdowns i suggest to change to C2D.
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Normal thing to do would be getting the latest beta then try some speedhacks on that one, specially "x2 cycle rate" and "VU cycle stealing" set to moderate might help you, also enabling the "native" checkbox on GSdx and "Disable effects" in SPU2-X might help you a bit. However as tallbender mentioned you are currently limited by your system so you cant expect miracles really Tongue

Oh also maybe try setting the clamp modes in "config > advanced" options to "none" might give a boost.
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Iop x2 would probably help some as well
Also don't forget to update your video card drivers to the most recent, that helps too.
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Thanks guys, helped alot

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