Kingdom Hearts slows down and hangs PC
Hello guys,
I'm trying to get to play KH using PCSX2, but I'm having a couple issues:

First, I get random slowdowns where the whole game starts going slow (Not a FPS issue though, the sound and speed of the game start going slow and it happens regardless of the graphical settings I use), which is a bit annoying. It seems to happen in the first island a lot unless I'm indoors. Can't be sure if it'll happen somewhere else since I haven't finished said island.

Second, and more annoying, the game (Or the emulator?) just made my PC hang with a looping sound (A hard reset was required for the PC). Does this happen a lot with the emulator? Is there any configuration that can prevent it?

I'm running on a:

AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+
Onboard sound
Windows Vista Ultimate 64Bit

I'm also running the game from an ISO I ripped myself from the original game since running it straight from the disc made the game stutter. Any help on this? Sad I don't wanna have to go back to playing on a PS2, I don't have a TV near me and game looks much better with this Tongue

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If you don't have fps issues, then probably speedhacks are set too high giving false fps reading, couse it probably is speed issue, Athlon 64 X2 6000 (like any athlon 64) is fairy slow in pcsx2 and possibly its 3ghz isnt enough for every part of the game.

Crash shouldnt happen couse emu, at most it would crash itself, not your computer, soo possibly its another point in which Windows Vista tries to show it sucks, dunno maybe update of drivers could help, but it's rather not directly caused by pcsx2. It could be a heat problem through, pcsx2 use much more of your hardware than any pc game, and your system probably need to give it's all from CPU side possible causing instability of your system. You should check your CPU temps probably, with a program like Core Temp or anyone you prefer, your GPU is very nice, but also add alot of heat to cpu surroundings which already overheats and that could be potential reason of crash, changing cooling system, or even opening your pc case could probably help, ofc if that's the case.

Playing from directly from DVD sucks couse pc dvd drives differ than ps2 one, they are faster ofc, but they also spin down often and need some time to spin up again, theoretically you can control timings and speed of some drives, but why kill a good dvd drive or burner when iso from hdd works just fine.

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