Kingdom hearts 1 end of game hang (minor spoilers)
I am running Windows 7, with revision 3771 of PCSX2.
Plugins : GSDX r3693, SPU-2X r3702, Lilypad. Also using microVU.
Have tried with and without speedhacks, with the same results.

Basically, Sora closes the door at the end of the game, and goes off to talk to Kairi. The screen darkens (loading screen), and then the graphics glitch and the game hangs - there's a big grey glitchy area in the middle of the screen, with the edges showing part of the final boss. I can't get past this screen. Does anyone know what the cause of this issue is?

EDIT: after retesting with older versions of GSDX, the boss on the edge of the screen is not actually part of the glitch, but is a remnant from the beginning of the movie and glitches onto the screen. The grey glitch area seems to have a sky area at the bottom of it.

EDIT2: Screenshot is here:
Linuziso dump here:

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Well make sure you're using 0.9.7. However, if you're just trying to watch the end video just look it up on youtube. I'm assuming this happens after beating Final Ansem.
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Yes. I'll try with 0.9.7 now... but I did want to see the movie on pcsx2 :\

EDIT: Savestate versions are incompatible Sad
Yeah they won't work. However the memory cards are compatible. So if your save state is near a place where you can save, then you can save to the memory card and use 0.9.7 to load from that memory card. And if you're not near a place where you can save, then add this to patches file.

//pause save

It allows you to save by pressing pause at any point in the game. The patch file is called 0F6B6315. Make sure you have patches enabled.

To reiterate,
Save to the memory card using 0.9.6 (use the patch in 0.9.6 if you need to) and then load from the same memory card using 0.9.7.
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I'll do it, but later. It's kinda late here and I have to rebeat the final boss, so...
I did it, and it worked! Thank you so much. Looks like it was a problem with the mpeg loading or something. Anyway.
You're welcome. I'm glad that your issue was resolved! A good thing to try if this does happen again, in any other game is resetting and switching to a different a audio driver. Sometimes the FMV's will hang because the sound plugin stopped working.
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