Kingdom hearts 1 from CD
OK so im new to this emmulation .. i have a ps1 works beautifully on my pc.. but when i try to run KH1 its very laggy .. im running a dell inspiron with the latest graphics card installed .. 4GB ram , 500GB hard drive .. i have psx2 version 1.0.0 ... im completely lost on how to fix the graphis .. i can choose between direct x 9 & 10 .. ive played with it so much my settings were reset to default..
help please

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Keep in mind that this emulator is for PCSX2 (Playstation 2) not for Playstation 1 or PSX.
kingdom hearts 1 is a PS2 game.
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yeah i know i was meaning on the emulator for the pcsx2 ( i still havnt got the name down pat) .. i was just noting that i have the ps1 emulator and it runs smoothly ...

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