Kingdom hearts 2 Final mix Q&Q
Hello,i got 2 questions Biggrin 1st what drivers do i need to run Pcsx2 smoothly, i mean to help the emulator run better hehe Happy and 2nd i would like to know what is the best config for KH2 FM for a HD pc a Average PC and a LOW PC/Laptop it would be great if someone could post a answer also (Optional) why does KH FM2 got 2 Dvds ?
and is my pc good for runing KH2 FM smooth the whole time? Biggrin i guess that would make it 3 questions Tongue
OS: Win7 64bit
4gig rams
Proc: core i5-2300 2.8GHZ
Nvidea Gforce GTX 550 Ti
Love you Supporters Tongue

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The second Disc is Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories which is a remake of the Gameboy Advance game. Your pc will handle this game perfectly fine just use default PCSX2 settings. You could even give the Resolution a bit of a bump up as well. Make sure to run it with the Direct X11 hardware mode selected in GSDX
Make sure your Direct X is up to date along with your GPU drivers.
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