Kingdom hearts Re: Chain of memories problem.
Whenever i load the game on pcsx2, at the beggining where i get the traverse town card, it displays the loading screens, and then nothing happens.

when this happens, it still displays the framerate and such, like it's still working?

any suggestions? thanks!

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exact same problem here
I've managed to get the game running and past the point at which you freeze but it slows down to around 2-20 fps but speeds up to 40-50 in the first battle. seems playable but i've only completed the first battle.
Im using playground tlb,
gsdx 872m sse2
pixel shader 3
interlacing = none
mtgs selected
frame limiting set to limit as the fmv sometimes run over 200 fps
No game fixes selected
in speed hacks i have both flag settings, eep sync and iop sync selected.
tried both dvd and backup copy but i found backup to be slightley faster.

I will update if i find away to speed up the low fps i get at the first door and the slow down i get in battle.

Hope that helps abit.
PLAYGROUND seems to be the only thin that works.

plays at a decent framerate, but it lags at the beggining of battles.
Been playing it for little over 10 mins and keep having random crash's during battles. that just me?

Solved it. massive noob error on my part. my processer was full of dust and kept overheating.
Im using Pcsx2 9.4 and im up to the Beauty and the Beast missions, from there the game is a Big fat LAG

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