Kingdom hearts chain of memories cheats not working
I've been trying to figure out how to use cheats on PCSX2, but so far I can't. I tried making a pnach file and putting codes I found from here.

but it isn't working for me, have no idea why. There are no good tutorials out there on how to use cheats, so I came here hoping to get some help. Can anyone help me with this? I made the pnach file with my pcxs2 crc number without the "0x" and then copied and pasted the cheats in there, still not working.

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1.Is the file with .pnach extension,not .pnach.txt
2.// infront of patch=1 means the code is disabled and almost all of the codes in that post disabled
It could also be either a formatting issue or not using the correct codes. They might not be in raw format. Also, while sites show a code that "must be turned on" to work, the emulator doesn't need such a code.
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He used the codes I posted. They're already properly converted.

But like vsub said, a lot of the codes were set to disabled in that particular post. So just remove // for the codes you want activated.

Also make sure the pnach file is in the correct location. A lot of times it gets mixed up with /Documents/PCSX2, or the directory where PCSX2 is installed in. You can tell it's in the right place if the console window says something like "xxxxx.pnach found, x cheats loaded", otherwise it'll say "xxxxx.pnach not found in ...."
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