Klonoa 2 fire effects work now on at least 1 dev build!
I've been waiting years for this. The fire effects on Klonoa 2 now work on at least one specific build of pcsx2 so far! 

Many many many Thanks to Turtleli and Prafull for the fix!

Klonoa 2 NTSC works fine.
Klonoa 2 NYSC-J works fine
Klonoa 2 PAL works fine in 50hz mode. 60hz mode gives a black screen with this error though I think it is due to the IPU patch trying to use the 50hz address still. [Image: puuvUIJ.png]

I was also able to get Klonoa 2 NTSC to run through part Volkan Inferno without prafull's IPU patch which would normally be impossible. So I wonder if this build fixes that old volk/other areas involving fire hang and crash issues.

I cannot get manual EE/FPU advanced recompiler options to set on this build. But normally I would have rounding mode nearest of negative to fix out of place objects. Makes it hard to test areas without the patch because I need automatic game fixes on for the ee rounding mode settings to work.

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