Klonoa 2 is crashing at the Volk City level
When I play in that level, the program will crash. Is there something I can do?

Maybe this could help? http://wiki.pcsx2.net/index.php/Klonoa_2...tea's_Veil

It says to patch something

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Yes, use the patch provided on the wiki.
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How do I use it? D:

I see no download link anywhere
copy it and paste it in to a new text file and save it with the name above the patch.

Just be sure to select "all files (*.*)" in the type box underneath in the save dialogue, else itll put .txt on the end and it won't work.
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make sure you save it as .pnach
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I am so confused...

Where do I put the new text files?

What did you mean when you've said "Just be sure to select "all files (*.*)" in the type box underneath in the save dialogue, else itll put .txt on the end and it won't work."?
youll see what i mean, just make sure you do it in notepad.

You'll find a "cheats" folder in the PCSX2 folder, it goes in there.
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Here try these. They should be what you need.

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The patch was a success, I have also experiences a strange thing while playing that I find hard to put into words. Basically when I've passed the part I was stuck on I felt a great feeling fo gratitude towards you guys but it felt weird because I know none of you none of you know me yet you have brought me so much joy. I guess it was the contrast that have really caught me off guard.

By the way the water in the game is glitched even after following most of the tutorials I have found online to fixing Klonoa 2, am I missing something? Here is what I was told to make the game work:

Set the default graphics plugin (4600 SSE41) to D3D11, Blend BFF, allow 8bit textures, and set texture filtering on.
Also, go to emulation settings, then go to EE/IOP, set round mode to "Nearest"
Then go to VU's, then set round mode to "Nearest"

Not a major issue but it would be nice if the water would actually be water :c
Time to ressurect this thread because the problem repeats itself. I tried reusing the patch but it didn't help. In addition unless I set clamping to full on EE some objects do not appear but that way the sound quality is way lower. No idea what to do really

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