Klonoa 2, is it playable yet?
Hi. I thought I will check pcsx2's progress. I hoped to play Klonoa 2 at last. I abandoned it long time ago because it was very slow and had freezes/glitches and whatnot. Now the bug appeared already in intro, where Klonoa runs few seconds. Then the game crashes. I tried once more, this time quitting the animation before crash moment. I succesfully went through menu, name and control select screens and another animation sequence. Then, when I was in first phase, the game crashed again as soon as I moved Klonoa. Until it stood still, nothing happened. I checked it few more times with the same result. I'm impatiently waiting for new release, but I thought I will ask, maybe there is solution already. I tried changing everything and looking for thing that caused crash. Without result.
This is my specs:
Win XP SP3
Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 2.66 GHz
3,50 GB RAM
ATI Radeon HD 4800 512 MB

I have latest plugins and distributables.
This is spammed just before crash: "IPU Invalid Intra DS Precision, switching to 9 bits"

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I wonder what latest plugins and redistributables.
PCSX 0.9.6 release or PCSX r1888 beta. :/

Because I have EXACTLY the same problem on the r1888 beta version.

But not on the 0.9.6 release. Still does give the error "IPU Invalid Intra DS Precision, switching to 9 bits", but it just skips the problem instead of freezing the game.
It does have some graphics glitches, like odd colours on water. But nothing really serious, as far as I`ve seen.
It was crashing on newest (at the time) 1888 beta.
With plugins from 15 03 10.
I remember that on 0.9.6 there is glitch with green balloons.
And on further revisions (where this infamous problem was solved with setting Full Clamping option) the game freezed on entering some areas (elder tree, volkies republic).
I don't remember well, but I did some "juggling" between emulator versions, so sometime I got past "freeze" area and loaded savestate on other version where I could play faster.
Then I came upon a barrier - there was a minigame: "riding a platform and avoiding the flames" that took lives of klonoa in some places, regardless of player actions.
There I stopped because of my helplessness.
I'm waiting impatiently for new stable version.
I'm holding my thumbs for you guys.
Hi! At last 0.9.7 got released. Yay! You guys are fantastic. New emulator runs Klonoa pretty smooth. It's almost completely playable. So far I encountered few problems:

-Some objects in the game are invisible. You can solve this turning "Alpha Correction (FBA)" on. But then all the objects have black rectangles beside them, which gets troublesome sometimes (e.g. moving trees in front of you).

-The game freezes at level - Volk City. At first I wanted to play the game once more, and I got stuck at it. Then I loaded my old save from when I completed this particular level, but it turned out this level was revised by coming back in short time. So I stuck regardless.

But game itself runs fine. It doesn't crash randomly, have baloons where it should (after setting up full clamping) and doesn't penalize you where it shouldn't. I read that emulator is still in beta, so I will wait for completed stable version, but I wanted to mark the progress.
Hi guys! I just wonder where i can download klonoa 2! I really wanted to play it on my childhood... But now i cant get it so, i just wonder where i can find it and which emulator shall i use? Im kinda useless at this, just want to play this game, i just like it Sad!
Quote:I just wonder where i can download klonoa 2!

You just necromanced a really old thread,


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