Klonoa 2, lack of music and soundbytes repeating
Some ingame sounds become really loud, some weird sounds appear out of nowhere. I have managed to find someone who has a near perfect version of klonoa 2


I tried following his tips by setting sounds to nearest in both EE/IOP and VU.

Thanks in advance!

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Update: I have read this message that popped up in the youtube video I linked:

Got a config for you that should fix the few remaining sound issues (like wind pellets etc), use pcsx2 1.0 (that's revision 5350 I think), and the default SPU2-X plugin. Set Synchronizing mode to "Async Mix", then turn the Latency all the way down to 3ms. As far as I can tell this plays every sound pretty much flawlessly, and you also seem to be able to change to the normal timestretch mode once in game without breaking it (the thing that breaks the sound seems to happen when the game initially boots up).

I followed the instructions and now there is music, most sounds are there but the sound stutters. Is it a CPU/RAM problem?
Increase the latency again. Set it to maybe 80ms.
This is so strange, changed it to 80ms and the music is fine now but some sounds are not activated at all and some weird, really high noises appear out of nowhere.
The game is running in full speed? Do you use speedhacks?
(05-25-2014, 08:30 PM)willkuer Wrote: The game is running in full speed? Do you use speedhacks?
Yes to full speed, no to speedhacks

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