Knockout Kings 2001 Menu Start Button Problem
I'm a big fan of Boxing Titles and for me, the gameplay and realism of Knockout Kings 2001 for PS2 is great even if its old school.

I know that KO Kings 2001 status on PCSX2 is only up to INTRO.

The game enters the menu screen but only with the background music and Knockout Kings 2001 logo. The Start button that should be on the lower right does not appear.

I'm humbly begging the pcsx2 developers, please, please, please attend to Knockout Kings 2001's problem just like how they create certain hacks for specific games like Persona, Tri-Ace, Digimon, etc.

I'll be very happy one day to see Knockout Kings 2001 under the Game Fixes section of the program.

Thanks PCSX2 devs. You guys rock!!!

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