Kya Dark Lineage problem
Hi, new person. Was told to bring up my problem to the forum here, so here I go.

I was playing the game in software mode, sure, it's not exactly THE BEST thing ever, and I ended up having to play at like 25-30 fps according to the stats on the window name, but then when I got to the village for the first time and the cutscene that happens triggers? Well, it sorta just got so slow and stuttery when it cut to the game's big bad that it was literally messing with my head. Don't think I had any speedhacks on either, I was mostly just sticking to Preset 2 the whole time, so I don't know what in the world happened, let alone how to avoid or remedy it.

EDIT: Oh, and I am using version 1.4

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Give latest GIT build a try with OGL renderer and report back
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Your CPU is too weak for that game, especially in software mode. Follow the suggestions by jesalvein and use the hardware renderer at 1x native. Your CPU has a single thread performance of 900, whereas 1600 is recommended to play most games at full speed.
Oof. Although it might also be why my PC (A laptop that will die the femtosecond the charger's unplugged) can't play the PC version of the latest South Park game...

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