L! Button in Games
Hi I'm having some troubles with my controls. First off I am using an xbox 360 wired controller. Anyhow the problem is any game I boot up acts as if I am pressing down the l1 button. An example, in darkcloud 2 I can't even get past the first fight because i am stuck in "Fireblast" mode(L1+Attack). In DBZ Budokai 3 when i'm flying on the world map My character is always flying to the left in full boost mode....I thought maybe it was the l1 button being stuck on my controller so I cleaned it. Still have  the issue, so I tried emulating in SNESX9. I played metroid and mapped l1 so if it is being pressed I would aim upwards. If my l1 was stuck it would be stuck in the shoot upward animation, but it was not...so It couldnt be my l1 button being stuck....what else could it be?? any help appreciated

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redo the controls in lilypad. and try unplugging the controller and plugging it back in without pressing any buttons. You could have accidently set l1 as another button or even a keyboard control,
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