L-Stick is choppy when moving diagonally
Hi there - I'm completely new to this so please treat me like a five-year old because I'm sure I'm not going to understand anything and English isn't my first language. But I'll try!

I installed PCSX2 today because I want to play ICO, but I'm having trouble with my controller. I'm using Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710. When I try to run diagonally(up and to the right for example) the controller kinda snaps, I mean it works but it's..choppy, which makes it a bit hard to run on thin ledges and stuff like that. I hope that makes sense, I'm not sure how to explain it better.

I don't know if this image means anything but I'll post it anyway, who knows! I tried changing the dead zone but that made things worse I think, Skip dead zone doesn't seem to do anything.
Thanks in advance!

[Image: 00v7cOT.png]

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