L3+Left stick Up on keyboard?
Edit: plz delete thread it just randomly started working for no reason I can think of...

Hi Im trying to enter a command in a game which - as I understand - should be the left stick pressed down (L3) while also tilting it up or down, and I cant seem to get it to work with keyboard bindings. Anything Im missing about bindings or anyone have any ideas?

(Ive obviously bound both L3 and left stick up/down, but pressing them simultaneously doesnt seem to do anything. Ive checked whether it could be a keyboard ghost key issue and it isnt.)

The game is Tales of the Abyss and Im trying to use the in-battle Zoom feature, Im not even 100% sure its supposed to be L3+up/down, google search doesnt give me much, doesnt seem like many ppl who played the game even know about the feature and Ive no working ps2 controller to test on either pcsx2 or ps2. My pc controller seems massively delayed in shipping but Ive learned to enjoy the game on keyboard controls already. Would like to be able to battle zoom tho.

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