LA Rush / L.A. Rush graphical glitch fix?
Hi, I would like to know if there is some progress:

I tried it with latest dev build 1.7.x and it still have texture glitches. Tried all checkboxes and hacks and nothing helped. Only software mode works, but that does not support upscale even i7 CPU nowadays have enough power.

Is there something that could be done? PSPPP emulator with LA Rush does not suffer from this, but of course it is something else.

OpenGL nor DirectX 11 hardware works properly. If software mode support 2x native resolution, it might be a solution as well. With hardware mode, I would not call this title playable.

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Texture cache issue, it will need a rewrite on how to handle this properly, for now only software renderer helps like you said. So if a game is speedy on 2000 STR/IPC + for example GTX 1060 it could easily be 2500 or more as it has to act as intermediary for the GPU.

PCSX2 Renderer Options
- Renders on your CPU, does not use the GPU. Most accurate option, at the cost of speed and upscaling.
- 1.6.0 will have OpenGL and Direct3D11 options for Software, both are functionally identical.

Hardware modes:
- OpenGL: Fully featured renderer. Recommended for Nvidia GPUs, and AMD GPUs on Linux systems.
- Direct3D11: Recommended for AMD GPUs on Windows and for Intel integrated graphics. Cannot reproduce some advanced blending effects; may run such games faster at the cost of render accuracy.
Hello, thank you for your answer!

Yes, I have 4 computers here. Mostly with AMD graphics (for example R9 290X) and Windows 10.

I tried PCSX2 1.2.1, 1.4.0, 1.6.0 and latest dev 1.7.x build from today.

Software renderer is fast enough, there is no cost for speed at i7 4930k hex core (3.4 GHz with possible overclock to 3.9 GHz). The only downside is disabled upscaling.

Some PS3 enables PS2 titles and firmware 1.8 supports some form of upscaling of PS2 games, but I have read that it is only some form of post filter and makes stuff more blurry. I could get this PS3 for $50, but I guess it would not give any real improvement over native PS2 experience or PCSX2 in software mode.
PS2 experience on PS3 is ehh on multiple aspects:
Only the original fat PS3 had hardware PS2 EE+GS (CPU+GPU) then it turned into half-software, half-hardware to then finally do fully software, sure there are some PS2 classics but if you want to import/export data like saves and it wouldn't really be better than physical PS2 or PCSX2 in my opinion.

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