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LMA Manager 2005

Thats the screen where he is loading like forever. Dont think it will help, but its something.

At the beginning of this video you can see where he stops loading, its the same screen from my screenshot. Maybe thats easier for you.

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Sorry I only tested the exhibition mode and it does indeed work only after changing ee cycle rate. Looks like you are talking about full game mode. I will check it out a bit later.
Thank you for trying, i really appreciate it Smile.
What i could figure out until now is, that you have the option between watch the game and dont watch the game. If you watch the game he loads forever for me as i already told you. If you dont watch the game you can watch highlights after that. But even the highlights are really really slow, its like my PC is to ***** or smth =D. I can remember the game was really fast when i played it 10 years ago. Maybe thats a problem for the emulator.

If it works for you, it would be great if you can show me your settings Smile.
Quote:isoFile open ok: C:\Users\Fabian\Downloads\BDFL Manager 2005 (Germany).iso

Our forum does not tolerate any kind of warez talk / discussion / links and no support will be given as such.
Read our rules,specifically rule #1. Thread closed.
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