LOTR Two Towers - Graphic/sound problem

I'm new to the forum (and to PCSX2) so I hope this thread is in the right section.

Graphics: I tried to play LOTRTT but I'm constantly getting these weird graphic problems (see pictures). I thought that it had something to do with interlacing, but I tried all the options to no avail. The cutscenes do load and work correctly, but the game is unplayable due to invisibility.

Sound: Sound is lagging during cutscenes and seriously distorted during gameplay.

[Image: LOTRTTscreen1_zpsebe043ab.jpg]
'Loading screen'

[Image: LOTRTTscreen2_zpsfb4c2c96.jpg]

[Image: LOTRTTscreen3_zps9eb2b448.jpg]
[Image: LOTRTTscreen4_zps4ff69aa4.jpg]
'PCSX2 Settings'


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The game has issues even with the windows version of PCSX2 which is much much better than the Mac port. Unfortunately the mac port is still in alpha stages so you won't be able to play properly most games
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