La Pucelle Tactics Cheat Code Problem
Greetings all. This problem of mine isn't very critical--it's merely two codes that refuse to work, codes from the attached .pnach that came from the requests thread.

The two troublesome codes in question are the following:

// Max Pr

// Infinite Pr

When activated, the Pr (game currency) amount does not change, and I am able to deplete it. The log detailing everything from the latest reboot of the game is also attached. Help making these codes functional would be much appreciated.

Attached Files
.pnach   448F4B67.pnach (Size: 8,55 KB / Downloads: 253)
.txt   log0.txt (Size: 9,7 KB / Downloads: 210)

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Probably the code is wrong and btw,bot of the codes are the same but having them at the same time will result in a value of 100007935 instead of 99999999
The first code is modifying 4 bytes and the second one is modifying 2 bytes in the same address resulting in 05F5FFFF

What happens if you use just this
Hm. No effect.
Solved the problem using Cheat Engine. It turns out the address was incorrect: the Pr value was at 20376B70, not 20376F70 as the included .pnach has it.

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