Lag Problem
hello all dears plz help me i hav prob
when i run the game it lagg means it slow so help me how to reduce lag
my PC is
dual core 3.0 G
1 GB ram
9500 Gforce 1 Gb card

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1) Post your PCSX2 version,plugins and all settings
2) What game?
3) What kind of dual core? AMD? Intel Pentium D? Intel Core 2 duo?
4) That 9500 is pretty slow, don't expect good speeds
[Image: newsig.jpg]
intel pentium D
WWE samck down vs raw 2010
and with 9500 i can run games with low graphics but it also does not works

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You're not using the new GSdx from the 30 December pack but the old one... you also did not post your PCSX2 settings, like the stuff in config->cpu, config->advanced,config->speed hacks and the GSdx settings.
Pentium D is on the slow side too, there is probably not much you can do with that PC other than upgrading. The Smackdown games are also known to require very fast systems to work at good speeds.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
dear i dont know about these settings plz help me to do these settings

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