Lag Spikes on all Games, worsens over time?
Like the topic, I'm getting sudden fps drops, for a second or less, on all the games I play. I can't seem to find a set pattern or timing, it just happens randomly, from mid-gameplay, to just browsing menus.

I started noticing the above problem from the get go, but since I was playing an RPG, it wasn't a big problem. Now I'm playing SSX3, and having sudden spikes while boarding isn't exactly helpful. I have no problem playing at 60fps, but then it would suddenly drop to ~20-30fps for a split second, throwing me off my game.

So I got out my graphic monitoring and charts and etc and I noticed that the core clock would increase during the frame drops. Thinking that was the cause, I was able to lock the clock rate at a constant, higher, speed. This helped reduce the drops to 50fps, but they were still happening to a noticeable extent.

To add to this, the drops become worse the longer I play. In the first hour, the drop is maybe a difference of 2fps, manageable, but after that it continues to get worse. After 3 hours I was experiencing 10fps differences.The most noticeable aspect is that the audio slows down, then speeds up, all in a second.

This is with speedhacks disabled. I don't think I've played much with the settings, but maybe I did and don't remember.

I'm running pcsx 1.0.0 on i5-2500k@4Ghz + GTX 670, win7.

Any and all help appreciated, thanks.

EDIT: I should add I've only played SSXtricky, SSX3, and Dark Cloud 2, all of which have this problem.

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Post your emulog, other may be able to help Smile
Im sorry i often misstype because im using cellphone...Y( '',)Y
can you run CoreTemp while playing on PCSX2 and report your temperatures? I suspect your CPU of overheating.
[Image: ref-sig-anim.gif]

maybe it is the temperature, because with your current rig you can almost play anything at x4 scale at 60fps, or maybe there is some problems in your current settings
does your cpu have speedstep enabled? if so disable in the bios cause I found pcsx2 always ran at half speed on my i7 when speedstep was enabled. also is your gpu downclocking its cores/mem I have see pcsx2 down clock the gpu to, as such I recommend speedstep be turned off ( I have never used thise feature now have I ever liked it) and make nvidia profile for pcsx2.exe and set it to max performance.

Use cpuz to see if pcsx2 is downclocking the cpu, nvidia inspector or EVGA precision or MSI AB to see if your gpu is being under clocked in pcsx2

Now if your cpu is overheating turning speedstep off n the bios isnt gona help if anything it will cause more issue. anything My I7 never pass 60c under any kind of load short of using prime95 or one of the stress test for cpu, most game never even this emulator never bring it past 55c

I have little to no issue running most game 55-60fps under an i7 920 stock and evga 660gt ftw sig2. I have speedstep off and profile for pcsx2 under nvcp with max performance
how do you make a nvidia profile for max performance?
NVCP>Manage 3d

Click Add it should give list of program you use

Look for

Power Management Mode set it to Max Performance
My CPU is definitely not overheating, it's keeping below 55C, and I have the power option set at "High Performance" so speed step is disabled.

How do I get the Emulator Log?
Thanks, but there is no "Power management mode" on where I'm looking. Did take a screenshot:

Any ideas?

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its there if you scroll down, its under multi-display/mix gpu acceleration unless you have really old GPU and or drivers

(07-26-2013, 03:25 AM)2enty3 Wrote: My CPU is definitely not overheating, it's keeping below 55C, and I have the power option set at "High Performance" so speed step is disabled.

How do I get the Emulator Log?

Putting max performance under power does not stop speedstep from throttle speedstep is only disabled in the system bios.

Like I said look at CPUZ when emulator is running and see if cpu running full speed when this is happens. Same with EVGA Precison/MSI AB with RTSS running and configed for OSD when the emulator is running and see if GPU being throttled when it happens. you system should have little to no problems running the emulator seeing it better then mine and i have no issue. for you to have these issue your system has to badly configured or the emulator cause the emulator under default setting with mtvu check and GSDX SSEE4.1 or AVX at 3x under DX11 or 9 with should be fine. the fact that its doing 60 then dropping to 20-30 fps screams throttling of sort.

I know for fact my i7 920 @ stock 2.67ghz would not run fullspeed with PCSX2 with speedstep on it would run around 1.8ghz and few other games and running max performance under power settings never fixed it. Disabling speedstep in bios did, I also have a NVIDIA profile for PCXS2 set to max performance I also have Core parking disable too.

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