Lag issues with pcsx2
I'm trying to play Grandia 3 with pcsx2, and for the mos part its ok, but some parts tend to lag a little bit (mainly talk scenes with music playing, and scenes with alonso(wierd i know), but today i started it up and it was lagging at the menu while playing the song which hasnt happened before.).

laptop specs are:

intel 3740qm - cores=4 - threads=8 - 2.7 ghz with max turbo frequency of 3.7 ghz.

normal hard drive, might be sata. either 5200 or 7200 rpm.

gpu= Nvidia Geforce Gt 630m w/ optimus technology, the other gpu is built into the cpu, its hd 4000. (trying to figure out how to only use the 630m.

i believe when i was screwing around with my laptop trying to find how to turn v sync off i made my way to the resolution changing part of it, and it let me switch between 59 and 60 for my screen refresh rate.(im guessing my screen isnt very good at 60 refresh rate?).

I got my pcsx2 from either or (or something similar to it), how do i tell what version of it i have?

Thanks in advance!

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Quote:I got my pcsx2 from either or (or something similar to it), how do i tell what version of it i have?
no one knows and no one cares.
only official versions are supported.
erase that crap and download the official version from
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Most screens are 60hz refresh rate so that doesn't matter. Also, your laptop will automatically use your 630m card when opening GPU intensive games anyway.

But yeah, download the official version, don't get it from other sites.
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If u want to use 630 m instead of Intel HD. Go for newer svn builds.
In newer svn builds u can select u'r Graphic card in adapter option.
This option is not present in official build.
U can download latest build from this link >>

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