Lag on KH with good computer
Hey All,

So I recently put the emulator on my computer. I installed and have set up with all recommended settings as per the sticky.

Kingdom Hearts runs slowly at times and always in fights on my PC and my specs are

AMD Phenom 2 X4 840 Processor 3.20 GHz
8.0 GB RAM
ATI Radeon HD 6870 GPU

I think thats all the relevant info you should need. I greatly appreciate any pointers to get this game running full speed all the time

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I got the exact same deal. Currently I'm at the Tron level. Well, Im playing KH2, not 1, so, anyways, I know what you're talkin about. Midfight it's slow motion all of a sudden, then kill 2-3 heartless and it goes back to normal? A few cramped areas get laggy?

I don't know very much about the emulator yet, still learning exactly what does what, but what I did read somewhere, and this a long shot, but:

After a certain point PS2 games started running at a different rate, or the way the games were made or SOMETHING, basically, makes it so the standard emulator settings are set @10 FPS lower than the actual console would operate at for these specific games. I might be wrong, whatever, point is, I read somewhere randomly while I was looking for something else that there's a setting you can change in the emulation folders that changes that value of 10 to 20. By doing that, according to this random post I don't even really remember well, that TINY slow down will go away.


Setting on PS2 = 10FPS=20FPS
Setting on PC = 10FPS=10FPS

If you play the game in windowed mode so you can see your FPS, pay attention to it when the game slows down. In some games, the video will slow down, the audio will remain the same, but the FPS will remain at the clean 59-60. What this tells me as someone who knows northing, is that the emulator is emulating as well as it can, but since the game has been programmed differently (I know nothing of game production and how it factors into disk speed/display rate), it will run slowly because of the default limitations of the emulator itself, and it has nothing to do with your computer at all.

It could be hogwash, I know just as much as you do.

Is there anyone who is more knowledgeable about this that could put some input here?

I have similar problems with Jak 2, however the lag is MUCH more substantial.
I have it running with very low fps drop right now.

Enable Speed Hacks and then check MTVU.
Your CPU is very lacking, and that's what's causing your slowdowns.

In response to Lucro, the FPS counter in PCSX2 is just virtual FPS. 60 FPS on NTSC and 50 FPS on PAL is 100% full speed. The actual FPS can vary from game to game. For example, for SoTC, the actual FPS is somewhere between 20-30 FPS.

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