Lag spikes in FFX
Ok here is my system specs according to pcx2 0.98

Operating System = Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Edition (build 7600), 64-bit
Physical RAM = 4095 MB
CPU name = AMD Athlon™ II X2 255 Processor
Vendor/Model = AuthenticAMD (stepping 02)
CPU speed = 3.114 ghz (2 logical threads)
x86PType = Standard OEM
x86Flags = 178bfbff 00802009
x86EFlags = efd3fbff
x86 Features Detected:
MMX2 .. 3DNOW .. 3DNOW2.. SSE4a
My video card is an ATI 5770 1 GB model.

Despite the above listed information I can't get any of the GS plugins which uses anything above sse2 to work.

Kingdom hearts will play just fine for some reason.

Sometimes in FFX battles will play just fine then the fps will be cut by 1/3 or 1/2. Ironically in the opening battle where the first magic spell is cast i noticed no fps drops. It seems that with Higher emotion engine usage this happens. Also sound will start sounding scratchy or bugged when the lag spikes happen.

Also it doesn't matter what hacks I use or whether I use software or dx9 or 11. It still happens even when set to native resolution.

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Use MTVU speedhack to reduce EE usage, although you may need to disable it in some locations when the GS usage is high.

For the GS plugin issue, read the configuration guide, specifically the GS plugin configuration.
Athlon CPU's don't have anything higher than SSE2. Momentary lags are common, especially with Demi or Firaga, but they should quickly subside on their own.

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