Lag with weird stats

I'm experiencing some lag in many games and i wanted to know what means the EE / GS / VU / UI percentage.
For example, i got lags in rogue galaxy (show 40 fps with EE 60% GS 40% and VU 20%)

My rig is athlon X3-435 oc @3,4ghz, HD 5750 oc @ 800/1300 and 4 go ddr2.

Is it normal i get some lags with this rig and stats?


edit: I use pscx2 1.3.1-20150205041549, gsdx 5899 (msvc 16.00, SSE2) 0.1.16 and SPU2-X r5893 2.0.0

edit 2: sure, i'll screen now, thanks

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This rig will probably be too weak for rogue galaxy.
That said, can you please screenshot all your settings tabs ?
CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
Mobo : Asus PRIME B450-PLUS
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
RAM : 16 Go
I took some screenshots (tell me if you need more):
These values highly probable represent the thread time per time unit on the CPU. 100% means the CPU is constantly working in this thread. If you hit 100 in one of these values you know that you are bottlenecked by your cpu.

In a multithreaded application including synchronization between threads values below 100% still don't exclude bottlenecks. If thread1 works 50% of the time and waits for result of thread2 50% of the time and thread2 waits 50% of the time for thread1 and works 50% of the time you are again bottlenecked by the cpu even if both values are as low as 50%.

Ee and gs seem to be rarely synchronized. Therefore you can easily hit 100% on both depending on the game, the settings and your CPU.
Vu and ee are strongly synchronized. A VU value of more than 50% already can suggest CPU bottlenecks.

Ui thread is easy and almost not synchronized. No need to care.

I would like to add that synchronization creates overhead. In the above example of two threads waiting and working antiparallel a single thread would create better results. Even a non bottlenecked vu/ee-thread-combo can be slower than a bottlenecked single thread.

Try disabling mtvu and/or using ee cycle rate hack.
Thanks for your help,
Even if i don't understand everything you said, i understood that i'm maybe cpu limited? Do you think i should buy a new cpu ? (i won't change motherboard so i don't know if it will worth it). I was trying to get a new card (found gtx570 but i won't have enough power with my corsair 400watt, found a 7770 too for 30 euros), but maybe that's a bad idea?

edit: i'll try your tips first off course
I tried your settings, disabling mtvu and using ee cycle rate hack. I still get the exact same lag. (EE gets to 90% at the first fight and i get between 35 and 50 fps).
You are more probably bottlenecked by your CPU. Many games will not be playable. If you consider playing more ps2 games and have some money left you can consider upgrading. Simple pcsx2 compatible pc's can be build spending around $400€. The user ssakash has a list of different build.

I would still try to tinker with settings...
Do you use the DVD directly or an iso image?
Can you please try to set vu clamping to none?
Can you please test vu cycle stealing leaving ee cyclerate hack and clamping at default values?
Can you over clock your CPU further?
Thanks for the tips, I tried to set vu clamping to none and it seems to help (i gain 10 fps on none). Where i was at 40 fps, i'm now around 50. So, what does that mean?

I can upgrade a bit the computer, but it's not my main computer, it's a mamecab. So i don't want to buy a total new computer since i know my main computer will replace it some day (i5-3570k and r9 290). I can buy a new processor if i don't have to change my motherboard or i can buy a new graphic card if i don't have to replace the psu (corsair power cx400).

I'm using iso images and i should be able to oc my cpu more, but i don't know if the temperature is good, now cpuid hardware monitor gives me 67 C° max for cpu and 53C° for my 3 cores (while gaming). Should i try to oc more?

edit: i tried to set vu cycle stealing on 2 leaving ee cyclerate on defaut and clamping at none, i get some fps again. It's playable now (55+), thanks dude. It's not still fps framelocked but it's definitely better this way. Can you explain to me what was the issue please?
The vu does a lot of calculations and is more or less one of the feeders to the gs chip. Next to ee and gs it is probably one of the more demanding parts of the ps2 to emulate. One problem in emulation is that a floating point number on the ps2 is completely different to an CPU floating point number (I think IEEE 754). That manifests in many instances. Proper emulation of ps2 floating point numbers would decrease performance massively. That's why pcsx2 uses some compromise between accuracy and performance. Additionally it allows you to adjust this compromise. Mostly interesting for you is the clamping option which increases performance requirements from 'none' to 'full+preserve sign'. Last is most accurate, first least.

If you set vu clamping to none you can and will break games. You should regularly make memcard saves and if a freeze or hang occurs you need to increase clamping again. But even then some parts of the game still might be broken.

Regarding vu cycle stealing I am not 100% sure as I read a lot different opinions on that one. To my knowledge vu cycle stealing skips cycles on the vu. As the vu is synchronized to the ee this results in more cpu cycles per cpu time. The ee is 'stealing' cycles. As I said I am unsure about that. Since the vu is one of the feeder of the gs chip this can lead to missing draw calls. Therefore the gs doesn't get new information and doesn't refresh the framebuffer that is read on vsync. When the monitor displays a frame on vsync that is equal to the old frame you wouldn't see a difference -> the image stands still for some time -> Your frames per second decrease. For pcsx2 uploading an unchanged image appears equal to uploading a changed image. The frame counter in the top just displays the vsync's per second. Therefore if you increase vu cycle stealing you might get a higher fps counter but not necessarily a higher 'real' frame rate. You might even reduce the framerate.

I would check again clamping none + mtvu. But probably you are close to the optimum for your system. Or you can try superVU instead of microVU as vu-recompiler. For superVU MTVU doesn't work. superVU can be faster for a few games but is slower and less accurate for most games.

Max temprature for your cpu seems to be close to 71°C. I guess you should not overclock further without improving cooling.
Replacing the cpu by a better model might help. But if I see it correctly there are not many am3 cpus that are much faster than yours on stock. And how they overclock is unknown... AMD Phenom II X4 965 might be reasonable to check.

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