Laggin really bad and I have been messing with settings for hours!
Ok, so the only game i want to play is Metal Gear Solid 2. I have tried almost every config combonation I can for the graphics and sound, but to no avail. So, here is a list of all my system information you gents might need to assist me in getting this game to run decent if not good.

Computer: Toshiba Satellite A-305S6872
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate
RAM: 4 Gb
Hard Drive: 250 Gb
Graphics Card: x3100
CPU: Intel Centrino Processor SSE2

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You won't get anywhere near good speeds with that setup. The X3100 is a very crappy on board graphics chip. You also didn't post the #1 factor for PCSX2 speed, your processor's clock speed.
What you can do is use the beta 1888 ( ) with the December 30 plugins, check 'native' when using GSdx and use some speed hacks. You'll still get bad speeds though.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
The CPU sounds like a single core, and being a laptop CPU, it's most likely made of fail with regards to PCSX2, especially when paired with an integrated graphics card.
The Centrino isn't a processor, it's a platform (Intel laptop motherboard, Intel chip, and a few other features). If you have an Intel CPU that supports SSE2 but not SSSE3, that means you have a Pentium 4 or Pentium D. A high end Pentium D will run some less demanding games at reasonable rates, if that's what you have. A P4 will not.

However, as Bositman said, your X3100 is complete crap and basically means no games will ever be playable via Pcsx2 on that system, regardless of CPU.
Hmmm... Well the processor is a dual core, any ways. Thanks for the advice.

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