Lan plan on 1.7.3513 (help)
Hello all,

I am trying to setup Lan play between two PCs both running identical builds of 1.7.3513. I have been using GT4 as my testbed as it has a built in configurator for the network settings. I can not seem to get PCSX2 to connect to each other, it just loads on "waiting for connection" forever. Below are any and all configs i could think of that would be useful for debugging.

I have tried having GT4 manual DHCP with the emulator having "intercept DHCP off", I've tried "AUTO DHCP" in GT4 with Intercept DHCP on and configured. Ive also tired both of the prevous options in both TAP mode and in PCAP Bridged mode.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


GT4 hardware config on PC1
GT4 hardware config on PC2
GT4 network config on PC1
GT4 network config on PC2
GT4 LAN settings on PC1
GT4 LAN settings on PC2
Hamachi config on PC1
Hamachi Config on PC2
Network and HDD config on PC1
Network and HDD config on PC2
The logs are attached as an attachment

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.txt   log1.txt (Size: 18,46 KB / Downloads: 31)
.txt   log2.txt (Size: 9,9 KB / Downloads: 24)

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