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Hi there everybody!

First, thank you for this superior Emulator, runs pretty well for most games.

I am not in the position to request anything, but I just would like to bring something to discussion.

I have got multiple games which seem to read out something from Bios or other options to choose the language of the game.

It seems to be the case that PCSX2 automatically chooses English as default. Very often, these games do not offer a language otpions in the menu. I would like to play these games in my mother tongue. Is there a way to do so? Could you implement such an option.

Some games I was talking about : Tomb Raider Anniv., TR Legend, Dragon Quest VIII, NFS Most Wanted

Thanks in Advance for this masterpiece of emulation!

Best Regards,


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You can already do this. Boot in your BIOS using the cdvdnull plugin and on the configuration there, change the language
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Thanks for the quick reply!

I allready did that, and the bios itself is indeed in the language you choose.

But then, when you actually boot the game via BOOTCDDVD (fast) the language has gone and is English as standard again.

Seems to be some strange kind of problem.

Best Regards
You should use the slow method for these data to be used. And by the way we don't support SVN alpha versions in this forum
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I didn't get what you mean by "slow method"?

Didn't get it to work formerly with 0.9.6 either.

Could you explain please?

Quote:But then, when you actually boot the game via BOOTCDDVD (fast)
Above that, there is a Boot CDVD (full). That's what I mean. On older versions, bios skip hack should be OFF for the same effect
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For some strange reason no game seems to boot up in that case?

Tried like 3 games, screen went black for a second but then returned to the screen with the Memory Cards + CD.

Do I do something wrong.

THX for your help again.

Best Regards.
Yes, sounds like a bad cd/dvd plugin configuration, or some messed up alpha build.
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So you didn't get it to work neither?
I said it's either a bad cd/dvd configuration or a bad alpha svn build you use, meaning the problem is on your end.
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