Language problems
Can someone help me how to change language in game??

I tried change the system configuration to English yet the game is still in different language...
Please help me...Sad

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Uhh...if the game only have one language, you can't change the language of the game. If it does have multiple languages, you can change it in game.
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It is indeed multi language. But i do not know how to change the language..
Well does it work in English if you use the PS2 to play?
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The game is multi language which include english language. But when i tried to play it it came with different language..I do not know what language is that.. I think it is spanish.

I try to use different bios but the language would not change to English..
Do you own multiple PS2s? If not, it can only be assumed that you downloaded said BIOSes, and judging by the fact that you don't know what language your game is in, it can be assumed that you downloaded the game as well...

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You need to run games with "run > execute" so the bios setting stay, if after that you dont see a change then it's probable you need to change the language of the game from the game settings.
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