Laptop over clocking
Hey, I said before that I just ordered a dell vostro 1500

Its A Intel core 2 Duo T9300 2.5ghz
8600GT 256MB graphic card
Windows vista

I bought a cooler pad for it, and I was wondering if over clocking it would be safe. And even I didn't, would it still run too hot?

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it's faster than mine, and I do fine with fps, I don't think you'll NEED to overclock it, it should be fine.
Its just I keep reaching places that say you need 3.6ghz, or 4.0ghz. And then I see people running games on decent FPS with like a 1.8ghz. I'm just unsure. And would you happen to know is Yakuza 2 is a highly demanding game?
nope, sorry, never played it
Lol, thanks anyway. XD But no one answered me, is it safe to OC that laptop?
I never tried, but I always say better safe than sorry. I wouldn't.
Hmm, I might consider it.. I dunno
Well I don`t know about yours, but my laptop is hot enough even on the default clock.
laptops are not designed for overclocking. the first thing you need to switch off to overclock is any speed step stuff or anything that saves power and heat. Your laptop would be instantly screwed then before you've even considered overclocking it, they just dont have the space for sufficient cooling.

tl;dr verision: dont overclock laptops
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My old laptop was hot enough to peel the laminate off of my counter, overclock and you'll surely get something similar. If you want performance, stick with desktops.

Underclocking is the way to go Tongue Who needs games when you're running at 400 Mhz and get 5 hours of battery life?
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