Last GameDB Fix for Dragon Quest 8 causes texture issues
Just thought I've give you guys a heads-up.

The Texture Inside RT fix added to the GameDB for Dragon Quest 8 in build 1.7.3980 and onwards causes texture issues in various places in the game mostly with torches but also in many cutscenes and boss fights.

Here are some screenshots from the Khalamari Boss.

Texture Inside RT On:

Texture Inside RT Off:

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I'm aware, I have a pull request waiting to be merged which will likely fix it.

Should be fixed in like, 30 minutes from this post.
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Nice, just updated and redid the Khalamari fight with HW hacks off(so texture inside RT on) and everything was tip-top. Also checked a couple torches that I know usually have textures issues with that option enabled and they looked normal. Good job!

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