Latest SVN version(s) make ZZOgl and GSNull crash
Hi, I noticed that using the latest SVN version of PCSX2 makes me unable to use the plugins ZZogl and GSNull as plugins to PCSX2. I'm also developing a GS plugin that is derived (as a base) on GSNull and it stopped working too in the latest versions.Only GSdx works. I tried the precompiled binaries from the bot and a version compiled directly by me with VS2010 and the problem seems to be the same (crash immediatly after starting PCSX2 emulation).

The SVN version I was working on some months ago is dubbed as 0.9.7r0 (I don't know the exact revision) and works flawlessly. What changed in the last revisions that could have rised this problem ?


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The other plugins need to be updated to use the new hackless gif transfer callback code implemented in r3454, in fact this was needed from a long time ago but Jake made it possible for old plugins to be working so far and ZZogl never got updated ( i suppose Tongue2) so the actual problem is that support for legacy GS plugins is currently broken.
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Kariddi the latest pcsx2 revisions only use the "GSgifTransfer" callback, and don't use the other ones.
make sure you update your plugin's .def files to support that callback because the old ones are deprecated.

Anyways take a look at my latest commit:

I fixed GSnull and ZZogl to support that callback, and also fixed old-plugin backwards compatibility (so your plugin should work w/o modifications, but you should modify your plugin to support the new GSgifTransfer callback anyways...)
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Thank you guys, after the modification to the .def file everything is back at work again Smile

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