LaunchElf problems
I'm trying to import a saved game with LaunchElf and I'm having problems. On the latest beta, the emulator crashes.(And I've messed with everything to see if it'll work with different settings) On an older version, I get it to work, but it LaunchElf wont read my iso with the saved game in it.

I've done this before and I don't know what's wrong.

Speaking of which...why can't the PCSX2 save files just be a zip so it can be much simpler to import saves? Also, is there a usb plugin that lets you use a flashdrive? I've looked and haven't found anything useful.

EDIT: Nevermind, I got it. I took "Disk Control" off.

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How do you make it works ? I still get the problem as you mentioned. It doesn't work even I set "Disk control" on or off. My LaunchElf is ver3.41. In this version, I could browser the file system but it can't work when try to read CDFS.

I also try v4.30 and this one doesn't work, it seems crash. Any suggestion are welcome ,thank you.

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