Launching through Steam results in my Steam Controller layout being defaulted. HELP
It was working fine earlier, and now it has inexplicably started.

I want to play a game on the emulator, but the only way to use the joysticks properly on the Steam Controller is to launch the application through Steam. I have set all my keys to what I need them to be and they were working fine for gameplay just over an hour ago. But now whenever I boot a game (any game, pick one) through the emulator when it's the application is launched through Steam, it resets all of my key configurations and thus I can't even start my game since "start" is set to the ESC key. After I close the emulator, all of my configurations are then set back to what I had them set to in the first place, the ones that would work for gameplay.

Any and all help is appreciated, although I cannot help but be super frustrated since it was working earlier.

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Issue resolved. It turns out the controller layouts are independent of what is set if it's a non-Steam game. I had to click the middle button and set the configuration in-game as well as out-of-game.

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