Learned to compile pcsx2.
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Due to the fact that i have been urging to try the latest upscaler in GSDX i worked my lazy butt off and have learned to compile pcsx2 on my own.
At last no more waiting for other ppl to post them Smile.

Also the CompilationGuideForWindows from googlecode was very helpful, a big THANKS to whoever wrote/maintained it.

I'm using VS2008 and TortoiseSVN and i have a question: How do i compile older versions of pcsx2, pcsx2-legacy and the plugins (i mainly need this to bugtest games on different revs of the emu/plugins)?

Also, if you have anymore tips about this tell me too.

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Go to your SVN folder of PCSX2, right click there and go to TortoiseSVN->Update to revision. Then select Revision and input the revision number you want to revert to Smile
After that, simply compile pcsx2 or the plugin you wish, and it will be the revision you typed before
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yep, works like a charm thank you very much Smile.
For the other branches what I do is is have different folders for the main pcsx2 and other branches, one folder for checkout "http://pcsx2.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/" and another for "http://pcsx2.googlecode.com/svn/branches/legacy_gui" for example but you could just make a single folder for "http://pcsx2.googlecode.com/svn/" which would get ALL the branches included I guess (that would include the wiki and other things too tho so not really a good idea xD).
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i have them separate too one for legacy and one for wxgui one.
Also which build type should i use (debug/devel/release) ?
From what i know devel shows more output on the console and the release is the most stable one, don't know about debug tough.
Choose the release type for your processor (SSE2/SSSE3/SSE4) so it will be the faster option on your CPU (in your case SSE4) unless you want to get the 3 in which case you'd have to rebuild GSdx and last if you choose "Release" alone it will not compile GSdx. Devel doesnt have all optimizations turned on and has a few more debug messages and will compile a lot faster than release but it will be slower when running it. Debug is more useful for the developers really having a lot more of messages and Im not sure but I guess it's the only one that can be debugged properly with the proper tools will also be slowest.

Right now if you want to compile the plugins you have to use the trunk as legacy_gui doesnt have them.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
yeah that's what i have done now. But isn't it a way to compile all 3 versions of GSDX with one build command. My processor supports SSE 4.1 so should i compile and test only the SSE4 GSDX?

L.E: So the best is Release with SSE4 got it. And also wouldn't the debug/devel version be more useful for reporting bugs since it shows more messages or do those messages have nothing to do with errors or bugs?

L.E.E: Ok then ill stick with the release one. Thanks for your time Smile.
Devel is good for some testing, not really sure if that helps the devs tho they ususally just know what's the problem Tongue2
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64

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