Left Analog Stick Stuck
hi friends. so i’ve been using PCSX2 with absolutely no problems up until recently. last night, i mapped my guitar hero controller and then tried to re-map my Switch wired controller (cleared all previous inputs, no settings were changed) and now it appears in the emulator, my left analog stick (or D-pad, not entirely sure which) is permanently stuck in the left position which now makes my games completely unplayable. i have calibrated and tested the controller multiple times and i have determined that the controller is working perfectly fine so i’m not sure why it’s only malfunctioning in the emulator specifically. i have even tried using XOutput to convert it to an Xinput device and still having the same exact issue. i have also seen that resetting defaults in lily pad can fix the issue, but despite the PCSX2 folder being on my desktop and the program being ran as administrator, specifically only when i revert to default, i get an error message when i attempt to save controller settings. can somebody please help me? this is really frustrating lol. if i have to just uninstall and reinstall the emulator can i recover my game saves so i don’t lose my progress?

edit: okay, nvm, you can close this thread. i fixed it, so if anybody else has this problem, what i did was completely uninstalled the emulator, backed up memcards folder, then reinstalled as portable version and remapped the controller. fixed for now.

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