Left analog stick doesn't register as analog
The left analog stick of my controller can be used as if it were a d-pad, but in a game like GT4 that requires analog input, it doesn't register whatsoever.

I'm using a DS4 over bluetooth through DS4Windows, and the plugin I'm using is LilyPad 0.10.0. I have DirectInput disabled.
I gave Pokopom a try, but this didn't solve the problem. I was also going to try megapad 2.0.0, but couldn't find a download.

This happens with all of the controllers I try to use, so it's definitely an issue with the emulator or plugin.

EDIT: I tried megapad, but it crashes the emulator when I try to boot a game.

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Sounds like an old PCSX2 version. Please update to 1.6 stable or 1.7 development builds.

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