Left analogue stick does not seem to work on emulator
Once again, thanks for the emulator and all. My last problem with sound was resolved, but now a different problem has arisen.

The left analogue stick of my Dualshock 3 which I configured with the use of the highly recommended MotionInJoy driver, does not work when I try playing a game with it. It works fine on games that are built for the PC, but not for some reason on PCSX2.

I also configured it within the emulator with the use of Lilypad (Great plugin BTW) and I fully setup all the buttons and sticks, and ultimately the right analogue stick works in game, however the left analogue stick which is used for moving your chracter


This is an image of the configuration I have within PCSX2

So would anybody be kind enough to offer a bit of advice? On how to tackle this problem of mine?

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some keys seem to assigned to the mouse, others to the keyboard.
looks like a configuration problem, to me.
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That is purposeful seeing as how it is comparing the computer keys to the dualshock keys.

Look at the right side which is all the dualshock controller keys.

Thanks for the answer though, would just appreciate if you had been a little more specific.
Actually, I understand what you're trying to say. The question is, what's the solution to this?

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