Left sound channel is louder and more clear than the right side.
This issue was found firstly on my steam deck then later I found that its not an issue of steam deck because windows version PCSX2 on PC has the same issue with the same PS2 games.
PCSX2 versions of steam deck and windows PC are both 1.7.3881
However not all the Ps2 emu games have this issue and even the sound-issue-game does not always output unbalanced sound but just by some specific effect sound or at specific sound frequencies.
My Audio setting:
Synchronization: Timestretch default
Expansion: Stereo default
Target latency: 100ms default
Output: Cubeb
Output backend: default
Output devixe: default


Interesting is that the Expansion option to Surround 5.1/7.1 can improve the balance behavior from the default option Stereo...but still can not give the perfect balance, left speaker or earphone is louder and more clear than the right side.

Does anybody know of something about the audio balance of PCSX2?
Thank you

I tried the earphone and there is the same unbalanced issue

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