Legacy of Kain - Soul Reaver 2 MipMapping Issue
Legacy of Kain - Soul Reaver 2 MipMapping Issue
Ryzen 3600x / RTX 3060 TI / PCSX2 v1.7.3152 / Vulkan @ 6x Native

So as many probably have seen already If you try and run soul reaver 2 on PCSX2 a lot of textures are broken especially models at a distance...

Setting Mipmapping to Basic fixes this issue and is generally considered a decent fix however this fix bugs out the textures in another way, a lot of them are blurred and focus and un-focus when moving the camera...

So to clarify these are texture issues I've seen through the different Mipmap settings:

MipMapping OFF: Provides the most fidelity as all textures appear clear and crisp, However this causes all those lovely glitches with models and textures seem to disappear and/or distort often

MipMapping BASIC: This setting seems to fix the models and texture glitches/Distortions however this also causes random blurring of textures which can happen close or far from the camera and on Geo and models (And as an additional note this doesn't seem to be a scaling issue as this also happens rendering at native resolution albeit hard to notice due to lack of clarity)

MipMapping FULL: Can not notice a difference Between Basic and Full although I can't claim to have extensively tested and compared the 2 beyond a few minutes and a few locations

I've included screenshots of The MipMapping issues on BASIC and OFF, with 2 camera angles for Mipmapping OFF to show how the textures change and glitch

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