Legaia 2 Won't Run
I'm currently using the latest stable release (0.9.6). When I go to run the game, depending on my CD plugin, it either crashes(EFP ISO 0.6.0) or gives me a black screen(Gigaherz's 0.7.0).

I've followed the config guide to set it up initially.

My machine is more than adequate to run PCSX2, as I can run other games that I've tried at full speed, it's just this one that won't work. Can someone help me out?
[Image: 1442011.png]

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try other plug-in
Linuz-ISO or CDVDolio
these 2 looks fine to run legaia2
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Try with the latest beta instead:

Show us your PC specs, pcsx2 settings, plugin settings and any errors you may get in the console/output window.
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