Legal Update
I read here around that downloading Bios it's illegal.
Well, isn't true. At least isn't true in every Country.
And the same it's for game's Images.

The law etablish clearly you can't download certains programs, but only if you don't own phisically the product.
In other words, if you have a PS2 you can download a PS2 bios. But not to copy or distribute it.
It's the same about games or Application: It's your right to have a back-up. And if you're not able to do it by yourself you can choose to download it. But not to make multiple copies, or to distribute it.
*About distribution law isn't really clear: it's supposed to be illegal ONLY if you'll gain money from. But, well, i suggest COMPLETELY avoiding any type of distribution: Better safe than sorry.

In Europe you can quite download everything you want, if you own phisically these product in your home.
No one, by the way, can verify it without a special document released by a Tribunal.

In Asia copyright is just another word.

I don't know very well about America. Maybe there the laws are a little differents. And i can completely understand administrators if they want this to be a respectable site.

This thread is just to explain that ISN't illegal to do certain things in certain Country.
I would to ask too to don't ban peoples talkin' about this subject. Isn't right, since they're not breaking any law.

A last thing. This is important.
If you go around saying you downloaded x or y, take care you REALLY own the product... 'cause every cop can verify your identity and take a look at your house. The consequences could be veru hard in therms of money if you're NOT totally in legality.

I hope this thread isn't against the politic of this site, but -referring to administrators- please, feel free to erase it if you don't want it into.
I just tried to do something positive. As always.
And on my own i'll report this thread to admins attention.

The Undertaker

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it is illegal to download a bios here in the states. and the forum is governed by the laws of the usa, and other countries,all rolled into one.
We made our standpoints clear multiple times. No further discussion on this.

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