Lego Star Wars Trilogy
Using 0.9.7

my cpu is c2q 3ghz 8gb ram nvidia9400gt

there are shadow problems when i use hardware rendering mode 9 or 10/11, it goes away on software but it drops to 25 fps like that... unbearable indeed. i can play with the shadow problem, so i am, and its not why i made this thread.

what i just noticed is when turning down the volume from the pause menu, it downs affect pcsx2's volume. even when set down to zero.

figured this info might help if it was a case where pcsx2 wasnt reading the setting data right. ok i dont know what im talking about, i'll stop now.

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First problem is the usual GSdx issues which have nothing to do with PCSX2.
Second problem is you probably not pressing the proper stuff to get your changes saved through the menu.
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