Libusb DualShock three interesting find

as I (finally) bought my ps3 Biggrin

I did a little searching for DS3 plugins for the PC

and lo and behold


now here's the big deal

I start mapping the controls and I accidently bumped my DS3 (dropped it) Ohmy when I was mapping the select button.
It register motion from the six-axis accelerometer and i now shake my controller to access the start button in PS2 games (i switched the buttons) Blink

Now, I also got the idea to use six-axis for steering like a Wiimote
but Libusb only successfully registers one direction when mapped in Lilly pad. (I.E. i tilt the DS3 left and my car goes right) Wacko

Any ideas how to harness the new power of the dual-shock 3 six-axis legacy?

Comment Away Laugh

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Libusb is considered a pretty outdated method of using a PS3 controller. Just use MotioninJoy instead.
cool ill check it out

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