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I am shocked to read this, really sorry especially for Blyss and his friends, and sending my deepest condolences.

I wish you the strength to pass through these difficult times and hold his memories for a long time.

From time to time, I think about this forum and remember the time I spent here when I was an active member, and I will continue on checking in on you guys and the progress that you make, even if I do not use pcsx2 anymore, just because this community was always a very good one to me.

It's not fair to pass away at his age, and I hope for him and his friends to have collected great memories and will remember him as I do.

I am truly at a loss for words right now.

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Normally I only post in forums if I absolutely need help with something, never just for fun due to bad past experience. But this forum, and the people on it, have unknowingly helped me fight off so many bad memories from numerous sites and forums, and I greatly appreciate it, more than any of you would ever know.

I just now found out about this tragedy, and since Blyss herself helped me fight off a VERY nasty recent forum memory, I couldn't log off the site without giving my deepest apologies. I'm sorry Blyss for what you have to go through now. I wish I could find a way to make you feel better, but I can't.

As for the rest of you, I fully appreciate everything you've done regarding PCSX2, and I sincerely hope you can keep up the good work.
Holy *****, the new site redesign. Just saw this because of that. I'm so sorry to hear that...hard to imagine Nobbs is dead. Poor Blyss.

You were one of the good ones!
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Man, been off for a bit and got back for very bad news, he was a great guy.
Damn, I'm an old friend and neighbor of Gavin's from High School. We used to hang out all the time as kids. We've messaged on and off on steam over the years. Moved far away earlier this year and went to message him to invite him to this going away thing I was doing and saw that he wasn't online. Didn't think much of it at the time. Life just settled down a bit and saw that he still hadn't been online so I did some sleuthing and found this. Always remember him talking about this forum and his passion for emulation.

I'll always remember our debates on physics, math, and philosophy. I still think about them at times and they have helped shape a lot of my views today.
You are remembered man.

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