Lilly Pad bug
I have a PC Roil Reflex Game controller with rumble support.

Display Name=DX GGE908 PC Recoil Pad
Instance ID=3F237CB0-E9A9-11E0-8001-444553540000
Product ID=01070F30-0000-0000-0000-504944564944

It has all the same buttons of a regular ps2 controller.

When I test the buttons the values change. However, when I go to map the gamepad it fails because for some reason it detects every button pressed as Rz axis -.

I tested with Dolphin and I was able to map the keys fine. I also tested it with NBA2k13 and was able to map keys as well.

So it appears to be a problem on your end.

I uninstalled the driver for the gamepad. Rebooted the machine and swapped it to another usb port to no avail as well.

I was hoping since the values were shown in the test. I could map them manually through the ini file but it seems to be unnecessarily complicated.

If the dev could fix the plugin or give some sort of guide to map the keys manually through the ini. It would be much appreciated.

Pscx2 is broken for me until I can get this working. thanks

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I remember a similar problem with a silly application. The problem was the controller driver reporting an axis it wasn't using, so the value was always zero or something like that. Thus, the program would detect that as a pressed axis. I got it fixed by changing the detection into taking a snapshot of the gamepad and comparing against it. Then since the fake pressed axis didn't change in the comparison, it was ignored.
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