Lillypad config - Analog stick to mouse smoothining - Is it possible?
Greetings all,

I am new here and I do not know if there are any threads with a similar request.

I tried looking for threads with the keyword "Lillypad" but the search function i found in this forum just uses google... w/e

My request is simple I guess.

I am playing Ratchet Gladiator and one of its options is to switch to first person. I assumed that since its possible to map the mouse on the right analog stick to move the camera, that would result in an identical fps on pc.

I was wrong, obviously, as I am always wrong.

It is true that it mimics movement but it does not do this smoothly, ie, I am unable to turn the camera in a full smooth circle, instead, it turns the camera in a very broken square movement.

I am assuming this is because:
1. to have full smooth movement this has to be implemented in the game (there is no way even with the analog sticks to perform a full smooth circle camera movement)
2. A circular movement uses alot more than just one Y-axis/ X-axis value, but i assume the game only registers 1 value change from the Y-axis or X-axis.

I'd like to know if any of u guys had similar expierence with other games, or if its possible for the smoothness of an fps on pc to be transfered to the pcsx2. (inb4 its ps2 console peasant race...)

Thank you.
(i didnt read the lilypad wiki / thread so the answer to my question might be there)

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Do you run the emulator at full speed? If not this would ultimately let you fail...
inb4 OP doesn't know you can use Google to search specific websites (just like this forum does)
(07-13-2015, 08:24 PM)willkuer Wrote: Do you run the emulator at full speed? If not this would ultimately let you fail...

Thanks, speeding up the emulator actually fixed this!

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