Lillypad stopped recognizing both my controllers
After playing Suikoden 3 for a while I plugged my ps3 controller back into my ps3 and since then, Lillypad 0.11.0 refuse to recognize my controller. I switched over to SSSPSX 1.7.1 but it wouldn't let me configure the analog sticks, at which point I try my generic no brand usb controller.

Lillypad won't acknowledge its existence but SSSPSX does but after configuring it, the ps3 controller is not recognized by either plugin. It just doesn't show up in the Device Diagnostics list. I tried an older version of lilly, I've reinstalled pcsx2 several times but it doesn't help.

I know for a fact that the ps3 controller works as advertised because I can play Dark Souls PC and other controller friendly PC games with no trouble whatsoever, I just can't quite figure out why they are causing me so much grief with this emulator.

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